The Benefits of Corporate Blogging Blogging

Benefits of corporate blogging

There are many benefits of corporate blogging, particularly if the blog posts are informative and not just promotional. There is fundamentally little difference, if any, between a small home business owner and a large corporation in their blogging objectives. That infers that there should be little difference in how they approach their blogging strategies.

Even though there are obvious differences in scale, both are seeking to promote their business. A blog offers the little guys the opportunity to show their knowledge, skills and capabilities and to acquire followers who may one day become a customer or client.  It also enables them to provide follow-up information to existing clients, and maintain their interest in case they may be able to provide more business.

A corporate blog is no different.  It should not appear to be totally promotional, but to provide information to people interested in the company and its products or services. Here are some of the main benefits of corporate blogging.

A Corporate Blog Gives a Face to the Company

Most people regard corporations as being faceless entities. In fact, many equate a corporation with the PR, support or customer relations personnel they have had experience with. In many cases, this can be a negative experience. Corporate blogging can change such negative perceptions by giving a face to the company.

Perhaps not literally, but if a company can use a corporate blog to discuss issues that affect their customers, and display a human approach to discussing these, the public will be reminded that they are communicating with real human beings. Not faceless entities! You can do this by writing in the first person or at least writing directly to the reader as we are doing here.

Getting Customer Feedback

Quite frequently, the only feedback large corporations get from their customers is when they have a complaint to make. A blog enables a company to make contact with prospects and existing clients and customers. They will be able to comment and suggest changes or improvements on projected new developments your company is thinking of.  Such relationships are important in business.

Corporate blogging empowers people to comment directly to you, and to feel that they are contributing something to the company. They are then more likely to stay with you rather than switch allegiance to a competitor.  Never underestimate the power of direct communication with your public! If you let them feel that their voice is being heard by you, your suppliers, employees and customers will feel that they are valued by you.

Marketing Potential of Corporate Blogging

Your mainstream advertising is generally commercially oriented, and directed towards persuading people to purchase your product. Potential customers see it as such, and with the natural suspicion of the modern public towards the truth of adverts, they will also seek out what others are offering.

By running a corporate blog, the public will get to know you better. As stated earlier, they will see a human face, and will perhaps comment and enter into discussions with you and your staff. That will not only make your company appear more human to the public, but will make you more aware of the issues they have and also the way they feel about you.

This is valuable information to any company. Corporate marketing is about selling yourself to the public. Advertising is about selling your products. It has been proved countless time that getting the former right almost invariably leads to success in the latter. Sell your company to your public, and you will find it significantly easier to sell your products.

Be Seen as an Expert

You can use your corporate blog as a conduit to expert knowledge. By generating ‘expert’ pages on your blog, you can market it as an expert site in your niche. Even the largest corporations are involved in niches. You can provide information on a niche topic that helps to solve a common problem.

For example, if you manufacture furniture, you can offer solutions for harassed parents seeking a means of providing their kids with bedroom furniture that can convert to accommodate sleepovers for their friends. You can help your potential customers choose their furniture by providing online room planners and scale thumbnails to fit into the planners.

You can enable potential clients build their own cars using the options available. These are simple ways of using corporate blogging to empower your customers a make them feel part of your team. If you can show your visitors or readers that your company is an expert in its field, the no matter how large your firm is, you are sure to benefit.

SEO Benefits and Google Ranking

A well-known benefit of any form of blogging is that it is great for SEO: search engines love blogs that are continually being updated with new posts and comments. If it is important that your corporation receives high Google rankings, then blogs can help you achieve this. Regard it as part of your advertising or marketing campaign, and it will use up very little of your budget.

Corporate Blogging: Who Should Write It?

You blog should not necessarily be written by a senior manager.  It should be run by an employee who can communicate with your target audience. There are different needs between writing for clients who themselves are senior managers and those who are members of the general public.

If your corporate body is seeking to communicate with other CEOs then you will have a different objective and way of writing were it targeting buyers or even members of the public who use your product. Before starting a blog you would have to identify your target audience, and then assess how to best meet the needs of that specific group.

Having identified who your primary readers will be, then you should appoint a writer who can speak to them at their own level in a friendly, colloquial manner. A major factor in the success of a blog, personal or corporate, is to communicate at a level acceptable to your target audience. Speak to them right, offer useful and interesting information and be relevant to their own needs, and you will achieve success.

The Benefits of Corporate Blogging: Summary

Corporate blogging allows you to communicate with those you want to reach. Your blog posts can not only display clearly your own company’s expertise, but also provide a human face to the firm with which your human prospects and customers can relate.

Blogs are personal things, and offer a means of discussing issues with clients at a level with which they are comfortable. You can show them that you understand the issues they have, and that you will do your best to help them – in fact, you can show them that you can help them.

Communicating with existing and potential clients is a very important aspect of any business, and corporate blogging makes this so much easier to do. It must be done professionally, however, and if it shows your company to be an expert in its field, to be easily reached, easy to talk to and that it understands its clients’ problems, then it will be successful – as will your company. That is one of the major benefits of corporate blogging.

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The Benefits of Corporate Blogging
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