Google+ Tips: 7 Ways to Get More Followers on Google Plus Social Media

How to get more Google Plus followers-Tips

How to get more followers on Google Plus is likely the most important of all the Google+ tips you will be given. To be precise, we are discussing your Google+ page, although profile visits can be an important aspect of this. First, some reasons why getting more followers on your Google+ page is desirable.

There are different ways to use Google+, many using it as an SEO tool by promoting +1 clicks on their web pages (equiv. to Facebook Likes) and using its integration with Google search as a means of attaining higher page rankings. Others use it to connect with potential clients, but they are all really missing the point.

By embracing the whole social networking, authorship and marketing entity that is known as Google+, you are getting your name and your business known throughout the entire online community with the potential of Google rewarding you with authority in your subject, higher rankings for your business and greater numbers of prospects visiting your website. This can only be a good thing!

One of the aspects of making best use of this network is to get more followers on your Google+ page. That is specifically what we are discussing here, and we shall assume with these Google+ tips that you already have a Business Page and your own Profile Page set up on Google. So let’s go and find some more followers for you.

1. Populate Your Google+ Page with Content

Imagine yourself visiting somebody’s blog that had only one or two posts. Would you be likely to become a regular reader? Probably not! Would you follow a Facebook page with only one or two items on its timeline, spread over a few months? Of course you wouldn’t!

The first step, after starting a new Google+ page is to populate it with some content. Spend a few weeks adding regular posts, and also make sure your Profile Page looks good. These are the two pages on your Google+ account that people will inspect carefully before following you.

You must convince them that you have some value to offer the circle, and will not just be using it for information while putting nothing in. People will only follow you if they believe that they will be getting something out of doing so.  A near-empty page will not give them this confidence. No matter how good your website or blog may be, they will judge you on your Google+ page.

2.  Define Your Goals and Set a Schedule

“Getting more followers” is too loose a goal. Have you met your goal if you get one more? Or ten? Get ‘more’ over what time period? You goals must be finite, but also realistic. It’s one of these chicken and egg things – you don’t know what’s realistic until you start, but you can’t start without goals. So what do you do?

A good goal might be to start with 40 in Month 1. This can be reassessed after that month. Your goals will change as you progress, because the number of followers you achieve will increase as you become more proficient at marketing your page. You should also set a schedule, for example:

a)   I will get 10 new followers each 7 days.

b)   I will work on Google+ for one hour per day (set a time, e.g. 8 pm – 9 pm daily).

c)    Each day I will:

  • Search for others in my niche with Google+ pages
  • Find 5 people worth following
  • Follow at least one other Google+ page by adding to your circle
  • Read other posts and comment on them
  • Research at least one new topic to write on every other day
  • Check my circles and comment on posts there
  • Add one post to my Google+ page every other day

Writing every day is too much, and could lead to a drop-off in quality. In any case, you should allow your followers to check out and comment on each post.  This might in turn have an effect on the content of your next post. Write down this schedule and keep it by you every day.

3.  Promote Your Google+ Page

Once you have completed all this, and you have a good number of posts on your page, announce its existence to the world. Here are two ways of doing this:

I.        Post an announcement on your blog that you have opened a new Google+ page and provide its URL – or offer a clickable link. If you can find a good vanity name for your page that has not been taken, then use that. You can also link it back to your website if you have a .com top level domain name. You need at least 10 followers for this, and must take the name Google offers you. If you don’t like it, refuse it and try later, because once you accept you are stuck with it forever.

II.        Publish your page URL on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkdIn. Invite your friends, likes, followers and connections to follow you on Google+. It might be useful to publish a link to a post on your blog explaining what Google+ is and how your readers can set up their own account and page.

III.        Add a G+ button to your blog and/or website, and encourage visitors to follow you. Simply add ‘Please Follow’ and you may be amazed at the response you get.

You have now done what you can to get people to visit your page. Your content should be interesting enough for them to follow you. You must now leverage these visitors and also seek out others in your niche with Google+ pages. Here is how you achieve this.

4.  Google+ Tips: Visit Other Pages

Go to the search box at the tip of your Google+ page and enter your topic. You can do this several times for various relevant keywords.  Check out other pages related to your niche, visit them and click the ‘About’ link. Find out more about them, and when you find something of interest you should make a comment.

Share posts that you think would interest your own circle. If you believe them to be worth following, then add them to your circle. You should make this a part of your schedule, because the more people involved in your niche you interact with, then the more people will see your link.  Visibility brings followers, and ultimately more business.

5.  Make use of Google’s Direct Connect Facility

Direct Connect enables anybody using the Google search window to access G+ pages. By using the search term ‘+page name’ you will immediately find the Google page with that name. If you are seeking other Google plus pages in your niche, you can use variations of the niche name in your search.

You can use this facility to make sure that others searching in your niche will find your page. To do this, you must connect your G+ account to your website. In addition to providing a link to your website on your Google+ page, you must also link the two via a Google badge or code snippet. Find more about this here:

6.  Set up Topic Circles

First a quick comment on Circles. You can add anybody to your circle – they do not need to be followers and they need not agree. Also you cannot leave a circle you have been included in.  Find more about that here:!topic/google-plus-discuss/3Dw3O8CtSHs

Your followers (these are not those that you are following unless they reciprocate) may be interested in specific topics within your niche, and not so much with the general posts and comments on your page. By setting up ‘topic Circles’ that are devote to certain topics, you can keep them more interested and build up a good following consisting of interested people belonging to specific Circles.

You could start by asking each of your followers what aspect of your niche they are interested in, and would they like to join a Circle devoted just to that. By discussing such targeted content on your page, you can develop Circles whose Google+ experience is enhanced on your page because it is specific to their interests. They are then liable to lead even more new followers to the Circles they are involved in.

Another aspect of Circles is ‘Circle Sharing.’ Enter ‘circle sharing’ in the search box on your page, and you will find a list of Circles.  Check them out, and if any appeal to you, you can add them to your own circles. What that means is that you are in effect following everybody in the circle. Who knows how many of them might then follow you in return! The result is usually fairly high if you have a good page with informative posts.

7.  Make Use of Hangouts

Join hangouts and find out how they work. You will likely meet new people who will follow your page – perhaps in one of your specialist circles! By joining in conversations you will meet new people and they will get to know you. Once you have enough followers, specifically in your specialist circles, you can set up your own hangouts.

That’s about it – these are 7 great ways to get more followers on Google Plus and are probably seven of the best Google+ tips you should follow. These and sharing all your top posts of course – which is something that many neglect to do. If you have written a great post, then make sure you share it.


Google+ Tips: 7 Ways to Get More Followers on Google Plus
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